"Those Were The Good Ole` Day"

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To Mr. Charles "Diamond" Pennywell & His Fairlanes Band Web-site! We all hope that you enjoy viewing the entire site!
Known in the Southern States as "Charles Perrywell & His Fairlanes" Recorded numerous of Records in the 60's! This record pictured SIDE A "Your Lonesome Now" SIDE B "Come Along With Me" were hit songs on the radio charts in the 60's. This record is listed as a "Collectors Record" Europe is asking over Nine hundred dollars and in the United States over Three hundred dollar for a copy of this 45.
Charles "Diamond" Pennywell & His Fairlanes

Yet More Songs Charles Recorded!
Over the years, Charles had recorded many of records with His Fairlanes as well as on his own. He recorded on Smash Record label, which is a Division of Mercury Record Productions, Inc. "It's So Funny I Could Cry" and "Web Of Love" Charles was featured as lead vocalist on this record and he had the honors of working with Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens & The Jordinares as they were the background vocalist.

"Back in 1963 when Charles Recorded these 2 songs in Nashville, TN Charles became the first black singing artist to record a song in Nashville."

Charles had also Recorded on The Lucky 7 Record Label, He had released a 7 in rpm titled "Seventeen Steps" on the flip side B "Johnny Rhythm" as of today this is another record collectors items with is worth over One Hundred Fifty Dollars.

After pursuing his career Charles moved to Los Angeles California. Charles recording career just kept on growing. Charles had released a single Title "Thought of You" on the "Playboy Record Label". Soon after the release of this record, Charles joined a Group "The Sunlovers".

The Sunlovers, an obsure Los Angeles-based group that recorded five singles on three labels. With lead vocals by Charles Pennywell, they debuted June 1967 with "My Poor Heart" on Mutt & Jeff Records, which started taking off in Southern/Northern California and surrounding States. The label leased it Breakthrough Records a month later and released another Sunlovers' single with the same catalog number entitled "You'll Never Make the Grade" with the same flip, "This Love of Ours," a sweet ballad. "My Poor Heart was more mellow than the up-tempo "You'll Never Make the Grade", an up-tempo dancer. Neither became more than a logal/regional success, nor did a third Mutt & Jeff single "I'll Treat You Right", "Main Street" on Revue Records in 1969 appears to be their final release. Foreign and domestic labels are quit aware of the Sunlovers and you'll find their few tracks on many compilation albums via labels like Goldmine/Soul Supply, Presto Bar, Dynamite, etc. ~ Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide.